What To Do When Your iPhone won't Turn On

When your iPhone won't turn on, don't get panic and rush to the iPhone repair shop and don't plan to buy a new one. Many ways can be helpful to fix the problem of your phone before deciding that it's dead and get back to its working position. Read on to get a few tips that would be helpful to fix your phone. Charge your Phone - First of all, you need to check the battery of your phone to make sure that the phone is not dead due to a low battery. After charging for fifteen minutes it may turn on automatically. After charging for 15 to 30 minutes hold down the on the button to turn it on .if it doesn't work, make sure the charging cable is not faulty. Try to use another cable.

Try hard reset the iPhone to clear the memory of your device. IPhone repair to perform the hard reset press and release the volume up button then press and release the volume down after that hold the slide button until you see the iPhone logo in front of you.

If you have got the iPhone logo again press and hold the volume down until you see the Apple logo continuing holding them if nothing happens to shut down the slider by holding the button. If the logo appears, let them start the phone. Restore the iPhone factory setting it may help you by fixing your problem.

Put I Phone into DFU Mode this way. Make sure iTunes is running then plug your iPhone into the computer Hold down for three seconds and then press and hold the volume down button by holding on/off button for ten seconds. Release the on/off button by holding the volume down button for a few seconds. If nothing happens still dead visit the iPhone repair shot to find out the actual reason on your phone.